Funds donated to the Pompe Warrior Foundation will go to fund continued research into dietary treatments for Pompe Disease and other rare diseases. These research projects will focus on the effects dietary changes have on patients.  Help teach doctors and patients on how to successfully implement new dietary method.  As well as publish research to change the medical community’s nutritional and dietary standard operating procedures.  Funds will also be used to purchase items affected individuals may need to start living a healthier lifestyle.   Any amount you give helps us continue to research, educate, and empower. You can send us a personal check donation to our office address listed under the “Contact Us” page. Or Click the “Donate” button below to make a donation via credit card. Thank you for your contribution to this cause!!

Pompe Warrior Foundation is a registered as a 501© (3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to Pompe Warrior Foundation are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Pompe Warrior Foundation tax identification number is 82 -1706644.